10 Tips to Throw a Successful Party

10 Tips to Throw a Successful Party

1. Plan Early
This will always be our #1 tip for hosting any kind of event. You can never book or start planning your event too early. Venues book up fast and you don't want to be stuck scrambling later. Your future self will appreciate any effort that you make now. 

2. Enlist and Accept Help
It's always important to enlist help no matter the size of the party you are hosting. It will help relieve stress prior to an event and will allow you to enjoy your time more during the event. The best part of hosting a party is getting to spend time and interact with your guests. Don't try to be responsible for every detail; you might make yourself go a little crazy. An event planning committee or team is a great way to go. This will help create fresh ideas and multiple viewpoints, and will allow the workload to be spread out evenly. 

3. Have Plenty of Food
Food is an essential part of every gathering! There needs to be enough food for everyone coming, but it doesn't always need to be complex or over the top. Statistically, Pizza, Tacos, Ice Cream, and Chocolate are all in the top 10 favorite foods. Be sure the type of food matches the type of party you are hosting. Don't serve a 5-course meal if you are having a casual lunch party. Be sure to include on the invitation what kind of food can be expected and if you're serving a full meal or not so your guests can plan ahead. 

4. Etiquette
Decide on your theme and expectations early, and make sure your whole group understands what is expected. Once you have a date, place, and time, let your group know. Be sure to include information, such as expected attire (casual, formal, black tie), if an RSVP is needed, and whether +1's or family will be welcome. 

5. Build Excitement
Use social media and technology to your advantage. You can create an event on social media, send out electronic invitations, and even have group chats to discuss the event and any questions your guests might have. Using pictures from previous gatherings is a fun way to remind the group how much fun they had at previous gatherings. 

6. Send Reminders
Help keep your event at the top of guests' minds by sending reminders as the event gets closer. Send an email reminder, a message or post on social media, or send out a memo to the office. If you're hosting an event for students or a kids sports team, remind them at school or practice, and get in touch with their parents to verify permission. 

7. Entertainment
If you want your event to be memorable, make sure to have games and entertainment planned for your guests. Icebreakers may seem corny at times, but they are a great way to get your group to loosen up and get to know each other outside of the normal group setting. 

8. Prizes
Everyone loves door prizes! Offer a door prize or some type of raffle at your event. We all love to win things, and there aren't always a lot of opportunities during the year for winning awesome prizes. Reward your group with great prizes like movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, gift baskets, and no one has ever complained about receiving cash as a prize!

9. Try to Enjoy Yourself
If you have planned your event in advance, you will have no problem enjoying yourself. If you do find yourself scrambling, go to a separate room or area, take some deep breaths, and ask for help from your team. 

10. Follow Up
A few days after the event, be sure to follow up with your guests. Thank them for attending the event, bring up some highlights, and ask them what they loved and if there's any feedback for next time. Take your guests' feedback to heart, and use it when you are planning the next event. 

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