Winning Laser Tag Strategies

Whether you are playing individually or as a team, using some common sense strategies and being able to communicate will make your laser tag game all that much more exciting, enjoyable, and fun.

Create a Solo Strategy
There are first some individual tactics, as opposed to team or partner strategies. Of course you can use the individual tips and techniques in conjunction with the partner or team tactics to really “up the ante” of your game. Bear in mind that cover hides you -- it doesn’t protect yourself. The best hiding place is one where you can hit the enemy several times and then leave without being hit yourself. When you do find that perfect hiding place, make sure you have a clear line of fire when you are positioned in it. Also, check that there are multiple escape routes. Staying in one place too long in laser tag is a deathly strategy -- keep it movin’ movin’
  1. Conceal yourself from enemies. They can't shoot you if they can't see you. Indoors, wear dark, blendable clothes, nothing white (stands out under black light) or interactive with black light (such as certain hair gels or face paint). Outdoors, camouflage works well.       
  2. Use others as shields. When leaving a home base, move with the group. Don't be first or last to enter the field of play.
  3.  Keep moving. Continuous, random movement keeps your body sensors in motion, making them harder to hit. It also puts you in firing range of your enemies so you can score points.       
  4.  Know the terrain. Case the arena or playing field for hiding spots and defensive cover.       
  5. Be aggressive. You win more points for making a tag than you lose points for being tagged.     

Create a Team Strategy

For teams, the first thing is truly teamwork. Work in pairs as a pair can surround a single person, but remain difficult to surround themselves. It can be challenging to coordinate the movement of two people, though. Keep in constant contact and communication with your team. At night, his will help you avoid friendly fire incidents. Spread out. If you standing together, you all become much easier to hit with the laser. It can be a good idea to send out a team scout to determine enemy positions.
  1. Strategize a few basic plays, as in football. Give each team member a place in the lineup and devise various ways to move about the playing field. Label them for easy recognition, such as A, B and C.       
  2.  Let your team know before each game whether you'll be moving out in A, B or C formation.       
  3.  Use one team member as "bait" to make an easy target while the rest of you surround the opposing players.       
  4.  Designate two team members to double back, one on each side boundary, and then move toward the center for a surprise attack on your enemies.       
  5.  Use two-way radios set to a secret frequency for team contact in outdoor laser tag. Let teammates know that you've reached a location, been tagged or captured the flag.         
  6. Strategize by anticipating your opponents' moves. Have a contingency plan, for "if they do this, we'll to do that."

Tips & Warnings
◦Having a strategy gives laser tag a purpose beyond simple accumulation of points.
◦Laser tag is an interactive game, not static. A plan that works in one scenario may not work in another or against players of different skill levels.


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