Tips for Hosting an Amazing Holiday Group Event

8 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Holiday Group


Want to host the best holiday party ever? Here are a few tips to make this year’s party one to remember.
            It’s a little crazy to think that it’s already September. 2018 has flown by and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Have you had a chance to think about the upcoming holiday season? If not, it’s time to start now. Keep these tips in mind while preparing for your holiday group event.

1.      Plan Early
This may get some eye rolls, but it’s time to start planning your holiday group event now! I know that we’ve just barely entered the pumpkin spice, apple cider, and sweater season, but trust me, you will be happy you didn’t put it off. Venues book up fast, and you don’t want to be stuck and scrambling later. Your future self will appreciate any efforts you make now.

2.      Enlist Help
It’s always important to enlist help no matter the size of the party you are hosting. It will help relieve stress prior to an event and will allow you to enjoy your time more during the event. The best part of hosting a party is getting to spend time and interact with your guests. Don’t try to be responsible for every detail, you might make yourself go a little crazy. An event planning committee or team is a great way to go. It will allow the team to keep fresh ideas and multiple viewpoints, to spread the work evenly, and will allow everyone to enjoy themselves.

3.      Have Enough Food
Food is essential at a holiday party! There needs to be enough food for everyone coming, but it doesn’t always need to be complex or over the top. Statistically, the top five favorite foods are Pizza, Ice Cream, French Fries, Tacos, and Chocolate. Nobody said that every dish on a holiday party table needs to be a holiday recipe. Sometimes it’s great to stick to the classics! Be sure the type of food matches the time of the party. Don’t serve a 5-course meal if you are having a casual holiday lunch party. Be sure to include on the invitation what kind of food can be expected and if you’re serving a full meal or not.

4.      Try Something New
Try taking the party out of the office. Your staff will appreciate a change in scenery and will really feel appreciated. They work hard all year and deserve a break. Plus, taking the party out of the office usually means an easier cleanup for the planner!

5.      Etiquette
Decide on your theme and expectations early, and make sure the whole group understand what is expected. Once you have a date, place, and time let your group know. Be sure to also include information such as expected attire (casual, formal), if an RSVP is needed and when it is needed by, and whether guests or family are welcome. Remind your group that even though a holiday party is meant to be an enjoyable time for everyone, they are still representing the workplace or group they are a part of. 
6.      Entertainment
If you want your Holiday party to be memorable, make sure to join in on some reindeer games. It’s a great way to break the ice and get your guests to mingle a bit. Some festive party ideas could include an ugly sweater contest, a cookie recipe competition, holiday movie trivia, a holiday themed photo booth, or Christmas carol Pictionary.

7.      Prizes
Everyone loves door prizes! Offer a door prize or some type of raffle. We all love to win things, and there aren’t always a lot of opportunities during the year for winning awesome prizes. Reward your employees with great prizes like movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, gift baskets, and I don’t think anyone has ever complained about receiving cash as a prize!

8.      Give Back to the Community
Opportunities for businesses to get involved in the community are virtually endless and will reflect well on company culture. Bring the fundraising to your party! Choose a charity or cause and ask employees to help. Host a drive and ask each employee who plans to attend to bring an item that can be donated to the cause you choose. Your employees will have a great time at the party and will feel great about giving back.

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